$5 dates are popular with BC students

Darla Mangrum, Reporter

For the past couple of months, The Renegade Rip has had some ideas for going on some dates that can cost $5 or less per person.

These dates may not cost much but from what Vivian Diedda and her family said, they have really helped their family of four find something to do on the weekend that has been affordable.

“My family has used a couple of these ideas but our favorite was last weekend,” Diedda said. Her and her fiancé, Tracy Confair, and two young daughters wanted to do something over the weekend, but were really short on funds, and then she remembered reading about Wildlands Conservancy—Wind Wolves Preserves in the Rip.

So they decided to pack up a lunch from home, get their walking shoes on, put gas in the car, and take a drive to the preserves.

Diedda’s daughters Ally, eight, and Arisa, 11, were so excited that before Diedda had the opportunity to read the rules to them they had already broke a couple of them. “They had to touch the antler archway, pick up the deer skulls that were on display” said Diedda “and try to catch pollywogs out of every source of water that they came across including over by the waterfalls, where we had our lunch.”

While they were there, they asked about camping and found out that camping is free as long as you make reservations in advance. Diedda said, “The only problem with camping is you cannot cook at the campsite and all the campers have to share one very large fire pit, which is fine with my family. In fact, we are planning on going again real soon.” Diedda mentioned that her daughters want to go on the wildflower hike so they plan on doing that next time they go.

Wind Wolves Preserves is having a Nature Festival on March 28-29 starting at 8 a.m. on Saturday. The preserves are located at 16019 Maricopa Highway, Bakersfield, Ca. 93311. For more information call (661) 858-1115 or go to www.wildlandsconservancy.org or visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/WindWolvesPreserve.

This issues $5 dates: If you or your date like nice cars, especially good old fashion muscle cars, then you can always go to the Sonic Drive-In at 1227 Olive Drive in Oildale on Friday nights. The cars are lined up all around the parking lot and their owners are friendly and love to talk about their favorite things: the cars. If you get there after 8 p.m., you can get any beverage, including shakes customized to your liking, for half-off the regular menu price.

Sonic Drive-In has a free car show every Friday night as long as the weather permits and seems to be a fan favorite among people.