Color Me Rad comes back


After running through eight areas of colored powder, participants threw more of the colored powder into the air covering each other in vibrant colors.

The Color Me Rad annual event took place at the Kern County Fairgrounds on March 7. Hundreds of people from the Bakersfield community participated in the 5K run to raise money for the Bakersfield Ronald McDonald House, which houses Kern County families that live more than 25 miles away from the Bakersfield area and have a child being cared for at the Bakersfield Memorial Hospital. The Color Me Rad event donated 15 percent of the registration proceeds to the Ronald McDonald house. The 2015, “Bigger, Badder, Radder” tour introduced new color stations with 8 in total throughout the race. The Color Me Rad 5K event is open to all ages and holds races all across the U.S.