‘Worth it’ is not worth it

Brooke Howard, Features Editor

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As a firm believer of the good in humanity, I regret to say I think the moral decline of our peers can be seen in a new song the radio is playing called, “Worth It,” by Fifth Harmony.

Now, I think in order to understand the song, you must understand the group. Fifth Harmony is an all-girl group that formed out of the contestants from X factor, USA. Despite being eliminated in the third round, they still were signed to the record label, Syco Music. I am not saying these aren’t a talented bunch of girls, but the formula to sell music is shown fully in their song “Worth It.” It would be a great title and a great song if the lyrics weren’t referring to a girl saying to a guy “Give it to me, I’m worth it.”

Yes, it’s catchy. It’s catchy mostly due to the beat and repetition of lyrics that naturally catches a listener’s attention. The lyrics to follow include, “Just give me you, Just give me you, That’s all I wanna do, and if what they say is true, if its true I might give me to you I may take a lot of stuff, Guaranteed I can back it up, I think I’ma call you bluff, Hurry up, I’m waiting out front” and the beautifully written lines, “What you actin shy fo’, come and show me that you wid it, wid it, wid it, wid it, wid it. Stop playin’, how you know that I wid it, wid it, wid it, wid it, wid it, wid it.”

I believe what these young ladies are trying to say, is that they are interested in a guy and they just want to tell him, “hey man, give it to her, she’s worth it.”

The magnitude of damage we are doing to young girls who hear this song is ridiculous.

Have we gone from classy women to young girls in the club begging for sex and implying we need to tell the dudes we are “worth it”?

The second verse, after the chorus, states, “It’s all on you, so what you wanna do? And if you don’t have a clue, ill tell you what to do, come harder just because I don’t like it too soft, I like it a little rough.” Well, that’s nice.

What bothers me most is that this song is played frequently on radio stations that families are encouraged to listen to. Man, do I love the idea of my 11-year-old cousin dancing to this song on the radio.

The moral decline is not something new; it’s shown in almost every aspect of how humans interact with each other. There was a level of respect genders had for each other not too long ago and with the rise of feminism, there is also a rise of sexual exploration and freedom on the women’s part. I believe like with anything, moderation and classiness should be used while you handle this power with care. This is not Sparta; you cannot walk around naked and do whatever you want. This is 21st century America, and we have Twitter and Instagram and fabulous music that tells us we need to prove to a guy we are worth having sex with. Anything that’s catchy and can make money, I guess.

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