Lounge plans still up in the air

Darla Mangrum, Reporter

It looks like there is going to be a lot more construction of the BC campus in the future, at the very least two to five years.

According to Craig Rouse, “The Campus Center is one of BC’s last bond projects.” Which means that the student lounge area next to the Veteran’s lounge will remain unusable until the Campus Center is remodeled.

Rouse said, “The scope of work for this modernization will be determined at the time when the architect is hired and the campus department programming committee is put together for this facility.”

Rouse also mentioned that this project could start within the next two to five years depending on the funding and the completion of the LA building’s basement swing space project, during which time the LA basement has to be completed first so that the Bookstore, Business Services, and Campus Center can be relocated during the modernization.

After the modernization of the Campus Center, Rouse said, “The department programming committee will make recommendations to the executive team regarding the use of the student lounge. The team will make sure that this facility is following the guidelines of the Educational Plan which drives the Facilities Master Plan.”

It is going to be quite awhile before anyone really knows what the student’s lounge will become in the future.