Scottish Games held locally


The Tehachapi Mountain Pipes & Drums band play during the annual Scottish Games and Gathering festival.

Elka Wyatt, Reporter

The Kern Scottish Society hosted the 2015 Scottish Games and Gathering at the Kern County Fairgrounds on Saturday, April 18.

The festivities started at noon with the March of the Clans.

Members of different Scottish clans were on hand to represent their clans and to give attendees information about the history of their clan.

Many people were displaying their clan’s tartan in a variety of ways but mostly in the form of a kilt.

The story is that men wear nothing beneath their kilt.

“If they wear underwear, it’s a skirt. If they are going commando, it’s a kilt,” said Trishia Chapman, “And who doesn’t love a man in a kilt.”

Men and women alike competed in games like the Weight Over Bar and Heavy Hammer.

There was a scotch tasting booth and Bangers, which are sausages common in the U.K., for sale in the “Banger Booth.”

Bands such as Banshees in the Kitchen, a local Celtic band, and the Tehachapi Pipes and Drums Band, a traditional Scottish band, performed for audiences.

Bagpipe players and drummers competed against one another.

Kern County Genealogical Society set up a booth to help people find their ancestors.

Several tents offered food, drinks and souvenirs for sale. Some vendor stands carried items geared at those of Scottish Ancestry.

Michael Mara, 47, of Clan Stewart, said “It’s always a great time here. I come every year.”

Keith Cochran, Commissioner to the Chief in North America, reports directly to the chief in Scotland, had a booth set up for Clan Cochrane. He spoke of all of the descendants of his clan who were brave warriors, writers and people of importance in their land.

The Kern Scottish Society hosts the gatherings each year.