Damsel in Defense helping women’s safty

Elka Wyatt, Reporter


As safe as we feel most of the time, sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we may need to be just a little bit more aware and cautious of our surroundings. This is when it helps to have a little something extra for protection.

Damsel in Defense offers a wide variety of protective gear including pepper sprays and stun guns.

“I truly was gripped by the passion and the mission of this company,” said Donna Ingram when asked why she decided to become an Independent Damsel Pro. “We equip, empower and educate women.”

Ingram was representing Damsel in Defense at Bakersfield College’s Career Day on April 29, looking to recruit new team members.

Patty Clark had a tent set up at BC’s Garden Fest on April 18 and was demonstrating and selling her products. She became an Independent Damsel Pro when her daughter went to college.

“I wanted to make sure she had some sort of protection on her because she was going away to college and I’ve heard some scary stories,” said Clark.

Both women agree that pepper spray is their most-sold item. In price, they range from $12 to $29.

Stun guns are also popular, according to Clark. Between $57 and $74, they are probably the most effective way to stop an attacker.

Ingram also added that they are now offering cyber protection including computer protection and technical support, social media monitoring and internet safety alerts and education.

Damsel in Defense also offers a flashlight called “Road Trip.” This is much more than a flashlight. It’s magnetic so it sticks to your car, it’s an alarm, has a tool to break out the window of a car and a seat belt cutter for if you are ever in an accident. This sells for $29.

“My whole purpose in this is if it helps one person, it is worth the while,” said Clark.