Krispy Kreme grand opening

Rhiannon Stroberg, Features Editor


After nearly a decade since Bakersfield’s original Krispy Kreme doughnut shop closed their doors, the popular franchise re-opened to a new location on Sept. 1.

Krispy Kreme kicked off their grand re-opening in Bakersfield by offering the first 100 customers prizes.

However, the first customer in line received a different prize than the rest of the 99 customers. The first customer in line was offered a sweet deal of a dozen free doughnuts every week for one year, while the rest of the customers received a dozen free doughnuts every month for one year.

BC student and devout Krispy Kreme fan Christopher Garcia, 17, camped outside the popular doughnut shop with his family for nearly eight days so he could be the first person to turn on the “Hot Now” sign.

“I’ve loved Krispy Kreme ever since I was a kid,” Garcia proudly boasted, “My first doughnut was from Krispy Kreme, so when I found out that they were building a new Krispy Kreme I knew that I wanted to be the first customer to walk in the building to turn on those lights.”

Garcia’s sister Alexis Barrios, 21, stated that camping out and spending the night was very tricky due to the fact that they had to switch on an off between their busy school and work schedule.

“When my brother found out when Krispy Kreme was opening, he said ‘I want to be the first one who eats the first glazed doughnut they sell,’’’ Barrios said, “so the decision [of camping out] was quite easy because we always like to join together to unite and support one another with what they want to do.”

“We took different shifts to avoid people cutting us in line,” Garcia stated, “but on the third day of camping out, they told us that they were going to fix the concrete so workers at Krispy Kreme took down our names and told us to come back on Aug. 31. to claim our spot as first in line.”

“This was the first time we’ve done something like this,” claimed Barrios, “and it has been a wonderful experience. The people, the workers, it’s all just been a great experience.”

The new Krispy Kreme is located on Rosedale Highway in the Northwest Promenade next to Kohl’s department store. The total transactions of the day were estimated to be around 2,500.