Random Renegade

Every issue, The Rip will be interviewing a random faculty member at Bakersfield College about hopes and goals.


Jack Pierce

Fernanda Martinez, Reporter

Jack Pierce has been teaching at Bakersfield College since 2000 when he was hired as an adjunct professor. In 2008, he became a fulltime professor at BC.

He is currently teaching earth science and geology courses both at the main campus and Delano campus.

Pierce is also the adviser for the BC Geology Club.

The club had been inactive for a few years, but he was able to reactivate it this spring semester since more students showed interest.

He stated that he is excited about the plans the club has for this semester.

“We have five field trips planned for this semester,” said Pierce. “The first one is coming up on March 4. We will be going to Red Rock Canyon.”

Pierce said that he enjoys advising the Geology Club because of all the hands-on work they do during field trips.

He also encourages students to join the club as they do not have to be geology majors.

Pierce said that he is passionate about teaching in the earth science and geology fields because it allows him to make his students aware of their surroundings.

“California is one of the best geologic places on Earth,” said Pierce. “We have mountains, the coastal ranges, and all this land to explore.”

As much as it is important to be in class giving a lecture, Pierce enjoys being out in the field and exploring.

“I think it’s a lot better when you can actually show students something, you know. Mother Nature didn’t write a book, so we have to go see it.”

Pierce hopes to see the geology program at BC grow and for the students to get more AST degrees.

He mentioned that the San Joaquin Valley is big in the petroleum industry, therefore when prices go up, more people seem to be interested in that major. He also wants to see the geology club get more hands-on experience in the field.