I had a cool time ice skating and falling at the Ice Center


Melissa Puryear

Christopher Cocay smiles at the camera as he ties his shoelaces tighter after taking a fall when his rented ice skating shoes loosened while ice skating on the local ice rink at the Bakersfield Ice Sports Center on Oct. 23.

Christopher Cocay, Reporter

I really love skating, I started skating when I was 7, I had my own roller skates and it took me a week to learn how to use the skating shoes as far I remember. In January of 2017, I had a thought of wanting to skate again, then visited the place and I skated for the first time in 14 years, it was at Brimhall Rd. (Rollerama Roller Rinks) I started skating there every once a week.

Just when I thought I was good at skating, I decided to ice skate, because I feel like a pro when using roller skates.

I thought it would be just as easy, but ice skating is ten times more difficult than using roller skates, it was my first time ice skating, I came in unprepared at Bakersfield Ice Sports Center.

When I got at the ice skating rink, I felt really cold, it was like I was inside a huge fridge, because I thought it was just a normal skating center. I did not bring any protection gear. I couldn’t move evenly when I was at the rink because I thought if I made a single wrong move, I would get hurt, plus, the skating shoes were kind of uncomfortable because I wasn’t used to wearing those kind of shoes.

I was so scared and excited at the same time because it was something new for me, something I’ve never done. When I was a little kid, I used to watch “Disney on Ice” shows, and the thing that pushed me to do ice skating was the “High School Musical on Ice”.

I thought I could do the stunts that I saw on that ice show once I’m on the rink, but I couldn’t. I did not even want to move when I was on the rink. The thought of leaving crossed my mind, but I also remembered that I paid $11 just to do ice skating, so instead of thinking that it was too difficult to skate on ice, I challenged myself to learn how to do it by taking step by steps.

What I did was watch the other ice skaters and I imitated what they were doing. And when I felt that I was getting better, I pushed myself to be fast, and I ended up slipping on the floor, I was completely shocked.

Melissa Puryear
Christopher Cocay steadies himself with his hands as he crawls to the sidelines so he can get back on his feet after a fall resulting in his loose laces made him land painfully on his knees at the ice rink in the Bakersfield Ice Sports Center.

I even felt a massive pain on my hands, not just that, my back got hurt. I realized that I did not tightened my shoe laces, so I took a break, tightened my laces, and went back to the rink as if I did not fall.

Even though my feet were in pain, I continued skating, it was somewhat fun and scary at the same time. I spoke with one of the instructors of the ice center, and I asked them if I they teach ice skating lessons, and she said they do.

I’m interested in taking ice skating classes because I want to be good at doing it, I want to be a professional ice skater like the people I see on TV or the “High School Musical On Ice” performers.

I took a lot of selfies using my front camera on my phone, and I also bothered the other skaters to take pictures of me, I was that excited. I could not wait to show my pictures to my friends and ask them to skate with me in the future.

Around 3:10 p.m., the skating rink turned slippery, I felt uncomfortable and did not want to skate anymore because I did not want to get hurt again, once is enough.

I stopped staking, since the place would close at 3:30 p.m. anyway.

I went to my car and my whole body was in pain from the fall that I suffered. I had a bad headache because of the cold temperature.

I’m pretty sure it was brain freeze. Like the kind you get from drinking a milkshake too fast, I couldn’t even notice my feet’s discomfort because of the whole body pain.

I took two ibuprofens and rested in my car for few minutes. It was exhausting, but I really want to do it again.

It is something I recommend to people who love to skate, but I would first recommend, that they should take classes before doing it.

When I got home, I was still having body pain. The ibuprofen did not fully kick in. I checked my phone and I looked at the selfies that I took one by one, I deleted the ugly shots of course and I saved the decent ones.

I realized that I really had fun even though I ended up getting hurt and having body pain, I literally took a lot of selfies which I don’t usually do. And I plan on getting my own ice skates soon so I do not have to rent shoes when I go back.