The Empty Space presents “The Two Gentlemen of Verona”


Sabrina Lopez

Valentine (Nolan Long) works up the courage to talk to The Duke Of Milan’s daughter Silvia(Mystie Peters).

Sabrina Lopez, Reporter

The play “The Two Gentlemen of Verona” is running at the Empty space theatre, from April 13 to April 28 at 8PM. The two-hour long show was originally a piece that was written by the one and only William Shakespeare but directed by Bakersfield Colleges own, Professor Bob Kempf. And Although this play is not as popular as Shakespeare’s most successful achievement “Romeo and Juliet”, these two plays are very similar (both first performed circa 1594). Like Romeo and Juliet, this play takes place in Verona, and involves a character who is banished; it also uses a friar’s quarters as a sanctuary, and both have an romantically erratic young male character who contrasts the stronger and ardent female characters.

But unlike Romeo and Juliet, The Two Gentlemen of Verona is one of Shakespeare earliest comedies produced. The play is about two Best Friends Valentine, played by Nolan Long and Proteus, played by Carlos Vera; who both end up pursuing the Duke of Milan’s beautiful daughter, Silvia, played by Mistie Peters.

Julia (Victoria Lusk)whose in love with Proteus(Carlos Vera), blubs her problematic love life to her maid/confidante Lucetta(Shelbe McClain).

Despite the fact that Proteus has a girl back home waiting for him. So things heat up when she arrives in town the romance gets intertwined and lines are blurred.
On Sunday, April 22 the Empty Space Theatre celebrated the birth of the Bard as he turned 454 years old!
The empty Space is also holding Pet supply drive During the run of “The Two Gentlemen of Verona”, at 706 OAK St.
Food donations will go to help the Bakersfield Pet food pantry that provides emergency Pet food to help owners going through hardships to care for their animals. They ask for new or slightly used blankets or towels and unopened Bags or cans of pet food, and noted that all donations will  get entered in for a raffle prize.
The Next Play that will be performed at The Empty Space is “Assassins”, from May 18 to June 9.