Renegade inspired lunch truck arrives on campus


Laura Lanfray

BC students wait for the next round of free samples at the Gades Grub food truck.

Laura Lanfray, Feature Editor

The Bakersfield College food services celebrated the addition of their new food truck with a grand opening sample giveaway on the gym huddle on Feb. 27.

Due to the reconstruction of the Campus Center, the BC Food Service now serves students in the gym huddle with a limited menu. 

Students can purchase many of the usual items with the exception of most of their hot food items.

“I miss the cafeteria food, so I’ve been waiting for this to come back.” Said BC student, Kristina Ramirez as she waited for the next round of samples

With this in mind, food services came up with a fun solution to keep their students satisfied and well fed. By purchasing a used food truck from Pita Paradise and rebranding it as, “Gades Grub” Bakersfield College now has a place where students can purchase some of their old favorites as well as new menu items with quirky new names and everything.

To help  build interest for the new service, the grand opening consisted of a full day of free samples, music, and giveaways. There was a performance by the BC Drumline, an appearance by the BC Renegade mascot, raffles, and one lucky follower on the @BCfoodscene Instagram page even had the chance to win a new bicycle.

Jennifer Sanderson, BC food service staff member, explained the plan for the plan for the renegade inspired food truck.

Laura Lanfray
Jennifer Sanderson hands out free samples to BC students.

“We’ll have it here for the two years while we’re waiting for construction on the new campus center, and then eventually what will happen is we’ll start rolling out to satellite campuses like Delano and Southwest, so we’ll be able to service our students in extended areas as well.” Sanderson said.

In the meantime, students can enjoy both breakfast and lunch items as they wait for their classes. 

Sanderson also expressed how much fun they staff had when it came to naming some of the food items.

The samples given out on opening day included straight A fries, Inside outs, midterm meltdown fries, and chicken and waffles.

“I’m excited for the midterm meltdown,” said BC student Franki Ramirez, “it’s nice that we finally have Gades Grub…it’s cool to have the food that we used to have…I had the earth fries, and the straight A was really good too.” Ramirez continued.

Laura Lanfray
The Renegade mascot made an appearance throughout the day to celebrate the grand opening of the Gades Grub.