CALM gets nominated for USA Today’s “10 Best Zoo Light Shows” award

Bianca Cacciola, Reporter

The California Living Museum (CALM) has made itself a holiday tradition in Bakersfield for more than a decade. The HolidayLights display and activities provide festive opportunities for families, friends, and anyone interested in going.

“For the past 16 years, HolidayLights has dazzled the community, created family traditions and helped generate much-needed revenue to support CALM.  This nomination truly puts Bakersfield and CALM on the map,” Stephen Sanders, Chief of Staff, said.

CALM was nominated for a national award from USA Today in the category for “10 Best Zoo Light Shows.”

“Five years ago, we were named by the Los Angeles Times as one of the top 10 light shows in the Western US.  This new nomination by USA Today continues the national recognition that CALM’s HolidayLights generates,” Sanders said.

With the many light displays around the outdoor museum, CALM reinvents the displays every year with fresh ideas. This gives way to it being a yearly holiday tradition to the people in Kern County.

“We always think of new and unique displays, and this definitely motivates us to continue to offer HolidayLights for our community.  HolidayLights offers a safe, family environment where we can all enjoy the amazing lights and each other’s company.  This nomination definitely motivates us to continue to make HolidayLights accessible for all generations,” Sanders said.

There are many reasons as to why CALM would win the nomination and be a part of USA Today’s “10 Best Zoo Light Shows” award, from the friendly environment to the light displays.

“First, because of the scale of the lights – with over three million LED lights and animated displays, HolidayLights is beautiful and an amazing way to enjoy our local zoo.  Second, because the lights help celebrate friends, family and the joy of the holidays,” Sanders said, when asked why CALM should win. “Third, because the revenue from HolidayLights stays in our community to support CALM and our wildlife rehabilitation work.  The mission of CALM is vital to the community and HolidayLights is our largest fundraiser to help support that important mission.”