BC offers free mental health screening

Dunia Cantu, Reporter

The Office of Student Life in collaboration with the Student Health and Wellness Center held free mental health screenings for Bakersfield College students on Feb. 19.

“We are encouraging it because mental health is something that is often overlooked. There is kind of no representation of anxiety and depression, that is often not recognized or nothing is done until things tend to get a little bit more severe. We are doing this to prevent and catch things early to be able to connect people with resources before it becomes a crisis or before it becomes a tragic event,” according to Abraham Ruiz, who is a student of concern intern.

The process to take a screening was easy and quick. Participants answered a short questionnaire. Then they would add up their score. Participants were taken to a small cubical to talk to an intern and from there they would guide them to what resources would be helpful to them. In total, the process took 10 to 15 minutes, sometimes longer depending on the circumstances.

Ruiz hoped that this can help BC students who live in a high-stress situations. Because students work multiple jobs, have families, and possibly complicated personal lives, they may say they are fine, but things can build up and unexpectedly happen, which they may not be prepared for.

The Office of Student Life and the Student Health and Wellness Center have many resources for students to use on campus and off-campus to be able to get help. BC students’ on-campus resources are free, but for those who want to seek something off-campus the student interns of concern can provide a list of resources.

Jacquelin Garcia is another intern, explained that they stay informed with programs outside of BC, so when they have different cases, she and others can connect those students to a lot of different resources outside of the campus. She recommended that student who need help stay informed by visiting the Center and asking questions.

The Student Health and Wellness Center is located at the Levinson Hall for any resources concerning mental, and medical health. As well as the Office of Student Life that provides the Renegade Pantry.