BC student races to the finish line

Jacqueline Gutierrez, Digital Editor

As the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) season starts, many racers from different backgrounds are preparing to make their way to the finish line. One of those racers is Blaine Perkins, a sophomore at Bakersfield College.

Perkins is a 19-year-old business administration major who is planning on transferring at the end of the spring semester. His father is his motivation to pursue a degree in business administration because he sells grapes in Delano.

Perkins is part of the NASCAR Arca Menard Series West division, and he is sponsored by Four Star Fruits and Lucas Oil, according to the NASCAR Arca Menard website.

Perkins raced on Feb. 20 in Las Vegas at the Star Nursery 150.

“It’s the season opener in Vegas and it’s NASCAR weekend. There will be a lot of people and hopefully a win,” Perkins said.

In the Star Nursery 150, Perkins placed third with 41 points, according to the NASCAR Arca Menard series.

At the age of 10, Perkins started oval racing. At the age of 14, he began racing in full cars, and a year later, at 15, he started his NASCAR racing career.

Perkins is inspired by NASCAR racer Kevin Harvick, who is also from Bakersfield.

Even though Perkins began racing at such a young age, he stated that the thing that sets the NASCAR Arca Menard Series West division apart is that the other racers are more competitive.

During the week Perkins focuses on school, but once the weekend starts, he starts his job as a NASCAR racer.

While racing, the racers have spotters that let them know where the competitors are on the track. Once Perkins is on the track, he only focuses on the track and does not communicate with the spotter.

“When I race I get quiet. I lock in and focus,” Perkins said.

During Perkins’ teen years he did not attend high school, because he was so busy with racing, but that did not deter him from succeeding in his higher education at Bakersfield College. Since Perkins has been enrolled at BC he has been on the Dean’s List.

“It’s cool and a lot of hard work [being on the Dean’s List]. I never went to high school, but I brought the competitive edge of racing to school,” Perkins said.