Bakersfield Condors skate with fans

Priscilla Carballo, Reporter

The Condors held a post-game skate March 1 at the Mechanics Bank Arena. People could skate with the Condors hockey team after their game.

They provided people with skates, and if needed a training aid whale so even the little ones could participate.

“We annually hold a post-game skate with the team and an opportunity to skate on the big ice here in Condorstown,” said Ryan Holt, Director of Public Relations for the Condors.

Priscilla Carballo
Riggs hoping on a training aid whale at the post skate event on March 1.

The post-game skate was pack on the ice. Parents flocked to the side of the arena and got pictures of their kids skating, some even went out on the ice with their family.

While the players were skating, talking, and taking pictures with participants and fans, both of the team mascots, Colonel Claw’d and Riggs, interacted with the fans and got on two of the training aid whales that were being pushed by two little girls.

“It’s a cool opportunity that we’re happy to provide and a chance for fans to be able to test out their skating skills,” Holt said.