BC collaborates with Castle in a storm

Priscilla Carballo, Reporter

Castle in the storm is an online outlet made by Kaitlin Hulsy to showcase student work. It also offers advice, writing, and art from professionals.

“In the very beginning, I frankly had no idea that I would be building a website. What I did know is that a large concentration of Bakersfield College students would be facing a kind of adversity that was unparalleled,” Hulsy said referring to the quarantine and COVID-19. “I come from a family where women were taught that they can do anything, be anything if they just worked hard enough. I am incredibly fortunate that way. I knew that there was going to be a large concentration of students who would need a place to feel included, to feel welcome.” 

Hulsy also had support when making her idea for Castle in the storm real. The logo for the online site was created by a Bakersfield college alumni Margaret Haggard. 

“I heard about the project through Kaitlin. We’ve performed comedy together. It was not predetermined. She posted on Facebook asking if anyone had some graphic design experience. I asked her what she needed, and it went from there. She really liked what I mocked up, so she picked me,” Haggard said.

Castle in the storm is not only an outlet for students, but also a place where educators can go to connect and help students. There is an absolute necessity for students to stay connected with their professors as much as physically possible, but especially right now according to Hulsy.

“I hear stories of teachers going through their k-12 student’s neighborhoods honking, waving, and smiling. And really, that’s their own way of staying connected without the need for Wi-Fi, just a few gallons of gas and a little bit of hope,” Hulsy said.