Alex Dominguez interviews BC Alumni Clayton Fowler for the Renegade Alumni Council

Victoria Meza, Reporter

Alex Dominguez interviewed renegade Alumni Clayton Fowler on the evening of September 16th. He starts by introducing himself as a former Bakersfield College Student Government Association President (BCSGA President) and a former Alumni from the class of 2015. He decided to form a group along with his friends called “The Renegade Alumni Council” to work with BC foundation to “further along engagement throughout the community”.
The Renegade Talk Series is one of his first efforts to get to the community. Dominguez’s guest that evening was Mr. Clayton Fowler, who was a BC Alumni from the class of 2016. He transferred from BC to the University of California, Davis.
They began talking about their feelings about coming back to BC to help in The Renegade Alumni Council. Fowler mentioned that he felt that the time went fast, and he was excited to go back to BC.
The discussed how juniors and seniors do not know what are they going to do with their life, and how some parents just talk about “go to college” when some of them do not even know what are they going to do with their future. Dominguez put himself as an example saying that, when that happened, he was 17 and he had no idea what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.
That is when Dominguez thought about going to BC, and now he assured that he would not change anything. Fowler agreed with him saying that he would not trade his experience at BC for anything. Fowler assures that he found what he wanted to do at BC.
According to Dominguez, some people believe that if you have a position in BC, then you have to love it when that is not the case. Fowler discussed that he always stood up for the community on BC. He said that he liked to see the community and for him to help that community was something that would hit on home for him.
Fowler explained that, after graduating in 2016, he transferred to CS Davis and received a mayor on political sciences and a minor in communication. His transition was mostly seamless for him; however, one of the biggest things for him was the transition from a semester system to a quarter system, and to be far from the city where he was born. Overall, he assures that he enjoyed his experience at CS Davis.
He worked in several communities. He started to think to involve in politics when one day, while he was in a class, he thought of applying to a student governor position. He describes his experience as fun.
“You just do it,” advised Fowler to the students that are thinking about getting into BC’s politics. “You never know what is going to happen.”
He said again that he was happy and excited to go back to the BC’s community to help with The Renegade Alumni Council group.