The monarch butterfly symbolizes the journeys that immigrants take

Victoria Meza, Reporter

Bakersfield College held a virtual workshop to support immigrants with their monarch butterfly symbol.
The meeting for one of the virtual workshops, virtual painting, and dreamer stories was held on Oct. 21 with the company of some advisors from Bakersfield College. One of them was Rafael Centeno.
The meeting started with the host explaining that the participants were going to use online software to draw a monarch butterfly. Before he explained the significance of the monarch butterfly, he taught everyone how to use the painting software, which was called Kleki.
He explained that the monarch butterfly represents the beauty of immigration, and the activity was made to help students relax.
In effect, the monarch butterfly is known for its migratory patterns; they move from Mexico to U.S and vice versa, depending on the season.
According to the web page, Make the Road Nevada, the monarch butterfly is the perfect symbol for immigrants. “Since being adopted by 11 million undocumented immigrants, the symbol’s meaning has changed to symbolize the resilience and hope in the immigrant community”.
The monarch butterfly has to make a long journey to reach its destination, whether it is moving from Mexico to the U.S or backward. They asked to use a butterfly in their social media to show support to the immigrants who, as the same as the monarch butterfly, need to make a long journey to immigrate.
The butterfly represents all immigrants, regarding their country of origin. All immigrants are supported by the campaign made by Make the Road Nevada, which is to put the #IMMIGRANTSTRONG and to put a monarch butterfly in social media.
Later on, Centeno explained that the activity was made to help students relax and to show support to the immigrants by putting a butterfly in the people’s social media pages, which is part of the campaign made to help immigrants.
Illinois’ official insect since 1975 is featured on dozens of storefronts in the Back of the Yards neighborhood, in Chicago, signaling support for the local immigrant community at a time when fear of deportation appears to be on the rise. More than 10 percent of the neighborhood‘s residents are undocumented, according to a press release.
The monarch butterfly is a very important symbol for immigrants for it to represent the long journey that most immigrants must do to immigrate to the U.S.
“Showing immigration is a beautiful thing,” Centeno said.
The activity made by BC was supposed to be relaxing and helpful, but also to show support for immigrant students that have a dream to achieve.