Bakersfield College Resource Fair

Selena Paiz, Reporter

As part of Bakersfield College, undocumented student action week, B.C held a college resource fair on Oct. 2.
Participants had to sign up virtually through the Bakersfield college website. Once participants signed up, they would be sent an email with the zoom link of the meeting on the day of the event they signed up for.
Once the event started advisors Rafael Centeno and Maercela Gamino introduced the event and explained how clubs in colleges benefit the students that go. They introduced all the clubs that were presenting also and gave a rundown of how the event would go.
Many clubs like Latinos Unidos Por Educación, or L.U.P.E, engineering club, the cinema society, and so many more had come out to do a presentation and all had a timed slot in which they spoke.
Many were filled with information about what their club does and how they help improve student’s quality of the school in many ways by building connections, improving skills, and getting experience.
“Our goal is to ensure that students learn and engage in STEM and gain access to resources, build connections, and obtain experiences that pertain to their goals,” said Carlos Gonzalez who was the representative for the engineering club.
While some clubs came out, so did some programs like the Veterans Resource Center, Kern Promise Program, and EOPS. They explained how these programs can benefit students and how some programs offer scholarships and encourage students to keep progressing in their careers.
B.C also had student help programs present, like the writing center and tutoring. These programs explained how they help students and how tutors relate to students because they are students themselves and they explained how some tutors are bilingual, so students do not have that language barrier.
“We want students to not be afraid to ask for help. We want them to know that the professionals started from somewhere, and by asking for help it is a step towards bettering a skill.” Said Miguel Cuate Jr who was the representative for the writing center.
As each of the clubs and programs ended their presentations, they added information to their clubs and who or how to contact someone to get involved. There was also a question and answer portion at the end of each presentation. This gave participants the chance to ask all their questions and have a representative answered and questions that participants had.
The advisors ended the event by letting participants know that they are more events throughout the week and all participants who want to go to different events must sign up to attend.