Rest and relaxation with yoga and wellness expert Goli Gabbay

Joselyn Green, Reporter

Bakersfield College has hosted a meeting, on Dec. 3, with Goli Gabbay, a yoga and wellness expert, and teacher.
When the meeting started, Gabbay greeted everyone in a way that made a lot of people comfortable some stated in the chatbox. She started by giving a short presentation.
“One of the many things I want to teach you tonight is no matter what is going on in that outside world that each of us and each of you has the ability to not only attain but to sustain peace and wellbeing,” said Gabbay.
She had taught and experienced teaching in mental wellness for over 20 years.
“We can’t talk about mental health without integrating our physical body,” Gabbay said.
Gabbay showed some tips and ways to try to keep yourself mentally happy. She also showed some things that can affect your mental health.
Something that was taught in the presentation was some of the effects of chronic stress on the brain, the effects of stress on the body, and statistics showing how students are affected and the amount and percentages of that. Gabbay asked the members in the chat how often they feel stressed and where do they feel the tension. A few people said they feel more tension coming from their shoulders and they get headaches.
Gabbay taught that the good news was neuroplasticity because it would help the brain because of the repetition and having a healthy lifestyle and habits would help as well. A plant-based diet would boost mental and physical health according to Gabbay. Also, nature improves our mental health, and that sleeping is restorative and would also help improve your overall health. She also mentioned that quiet time and silence could help too.
Gabbay showed some cool techniques, nice yoga positions, healthy tips, and things to help relieve stress. Gabbay started physical yoga by having everyone close their eyes.
“Place one palm flat on your chest and the other palm flat on your belly, and relax your shoulders,” Gabbay said. “Let’s do a mental scan [which was observing] physical tension.”
After the physical yoga was over, a few of the members in the chat described how they felt and some felt happier, lighter, and even less stressed.