Deep Cuts and Conversation discusses music they don’t like

Jaylene Collins, Features Editor

“Deep Cuts and Conversation” spoke about the music they don’t like in their first installment of the semester that was held on Sept. 14 via Zoom. 

“Deep Cuts and Conversation” is a Levan Center event and hosted by professors, Josh Ottum, Kris Tiner, and Reggie Williams where they and the audience have an open conversation about music. This session was planned to take place in person but with the surge of COVID-19 cases recently, the event was moved to Zoom. 

The topic of this session was popular music the hosts and the audience wishes they were able to enjoy.

“It gets even deeper, at least when I think about this stuff,” Ottum, a music professor, said. “It’s like maybe I do get it [a song], as a trained musician, you know what I mean? And I kinda like wished I liked it, but I don’t.”

As an example, Ottum said an artist he couldn’t get into was the Rolling Stones. 

“It’s not bad music but I don’t– I’m not pulled into it in a way,” Ottum explained. 

Tiner, another music professor, agreed with Ottum. He said he once had a Rolling Stone phase, but now he can no longer find their music entertaining. 

“That’s another aspect of it, our tastes evolve over time as we change and get older and everything,” Tiner stated. “Some things will resonate with you for a minute and you wish you can still be into them.” 

While going through a list of the best albums of all time according to the Rolling Stone Magazine, Ottum said he didn’t listen to most of the artists on the list. 

“If I’m sitting down to like check stuff out I basically don’t like anything a white, boomer, rock critic likes,” Ottum said. 

Other artists the hosts and audience shared on the topic were, the Beetles, Jefferson Starship, Led Zepplin, Radiohead, Frank Zappa, and Tupac.

Deep Cuts and Conversation’s next session will be on Oct. 13 from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.