Artist welcomes BC community to “Eden”


Jocelynn Landon

BC student Preet Kamal Kaur looking at Audia Yvonne Dixon’s artwork at exhibit opening on Sept. 8

Joceylnn Landon, Reporter

Bakersfield College hosted a lecture and open discussion for art students followed by the grand opening of the art exhibit “Eden” at the Bakersfield College Wylie and May Louise Jones Gallery.

The event started off with a lecture in the fine arts building. Audia Dixon started off by showcasing her artwork for the series “Eden.” The artist spoke about her story of how she started to become creative, how she developed a unique artistic style, and gave tips to aspiring artists. It was followed by an open discussion where students and faculty could ask questions.  Multiple students asked questions and participated in learning about Dixon and the artwork that was showcased.

After the art lecture the artist went over to the Bakersfield College Jones Art Gallery, located in the library, where the artwork was showcased in the opening of “Eden” along with an assortment of small snacks to taste.

The art gallery showcased six gigantic art pieces, with a wide range of colors and unexpected, yet creatively placed, symbols. The majority of attendees were Bakersfield College Students, who were art majors, and had the opportunity to see the art work. They were able to mingle with other students, faculty, and Dixon herself.

Student Preet Kamal Kaur talked about how “This is actually my first time, but I’m definitely going to be looking into her.”

One of the featured pieces “Into Eden” was one of the biggest art pieces showcased with a variety of things to look at that all are open to different interpretation, depending on the person viewing it. “It has a lot of different symbols, it’s the most surreal out of all of them,” student Alejandro Vava said.

A painting by Audia Dixon hangs in BC's Jones Gallery
One Dixon’s artwork showcased at the Jones gallery in BC’s Library. (Jocelynn Landon)

Dixon was inspired to create pieces from what she explained were,  “memories that I had… also being curious about the childhood experience and what children go through today, and putting these black figures and black youth in natural spaces to give a sense of vulnerability…”

Dixon is now an art teacher at Clovis Community College. During a conversation with a professor, she was talking about how she enjoys teaching and helping kids be creative. Those interested in seeing her art work can view it at the Jones Gallery until October 13. The venue is open Monday-Thursday from 2 p.m.-5 p.

Featured artist Audia Yvonne Dixon (right) talking about her work at Sept. 8 opening of her “Eden” exhibit at the Jones Gallery (Jocelynn Landon)