BC hosts a Bystander Intervention

Jocelynn Landon, Reporter

During the 1st month of school, the number of sexual assault cases for students are at its highest. Being in a new environment, not knowing anybody, and trying to find your footing is a terrifying thing for anybody, and as a result, it is also when students are most vulnerable.

The Bakersfield College Consent Project, with partnership through the Open Door Network, hosted a campus wide bystander intervention training for the students at Bakersfield College. They were excited to have the event partake during the start of school so that they can help students feel safe on campus. With the support of student life and public safety, they were able to educate students on what to do when they witness a situation and helped them gain the tools on how to act.

The bystander effect, where people don’t act upon something because they feel as if they can’t or that other people will act instead, is a real dilemma. The students were able to watch different scenarios and realize that they can step in and help someone in need. The event focused on the catchphrase “the three D’s” to help students remember how to take action; Distract, delegate, and direct.

The three D’s were all put into practice during various times as the students walked in front of the booth. For the students at Bakersfield College they get the opportunity to really understand the reality of the campus. Through the Consent project, a club that is all about promoting healthy relationships, you will be able to learn more about sexual assault, rape, and all things consent. Being in the club helps you be eager to remember that: If you see something, you should say something.

The Consent Project will be hosting many informational training sessions on various topics along with an event that will happen at the end of every month. Renegades, make sure you stop by the Student Lives boardroom on Thursdays if you’re interested in becoming an advocate for students and stepping up when someone needs help.