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    debra beesonOct 26, 2014 at 6:14 pm

    so is there an obits for hunter alan lebaron or angelina M lebaron? just curious? since you mentioned her name, if no obits for her or him why not ? who is Clendenen or walker do they have his or her obits? is this a scam article? or what? because i’m not buying this. don’t i see any proof she or he committed suicide?

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    Lynnda KiddFeb 25, 2014 at 8:05 am

    On March 29, 2011 my grandson, Justing Douglas, a first semester student at BC climbed a ladder in my garage and hung himself. Where was the Renegade Rip in addressing this students suicide? What makes Hunter’s suicide front page news? What is different in this child’s suicide? Suicide is about unbearable pain. Suicide is about lost hope of one’s life getting better. Suicide is about not being able to face another day in the body one was given. Suicide does not care whether one is black, white, homesexual, transgender, Christian, Muslim, or Atheist in belief. Suicide devastates those who have been left behind to pick up the pieces and go on. At the time my grandson took his life, his psychology teacher attempted to bring light to this dark subject, where was the Renegade Rip then. I hope that your paper will not let this tradegy die. There are many others out there on campus who are losing hope. Various resources were mentioned, and it is great those resources are available on campus…. but a suicidal person will not necessarily go for help. We have to become proactive, fearless, courageous and strong to address this issue before another child takes their life as Hunter and my granson have done. Life is precious and we need to do all we can to show these young people there is hope. If we have to carry them, then so be it. If we have to sit with them and hold them to get them to understand the hopeless feeling will pass, then so be it. SUICIDE IS PREVENTABLE.

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