SAM construction continues forward

IMG_4816Despite problems in the beginning with asbestos and lead paint, construction on the Simonsen Performing Arts Center at Bakersfield College is on schedule, according to a lead supervisor from S.C. Anderson, Inc.
There have been some changes to the original plan, creating more work for the construction crew, but the completion date remains the same.
The supervisor said work will take place on Saturdays also, and the crew will do whatever it takes to finish the project on time.
There was originally going to be shade panels all the way around the amphitheater, but it was decided to leave the side panels off because it would be too hot.
Late August and September gets warm, and without the extra panels, the wind can blow across the theater, which will help it stay cooler.
The theater will seat fewer people than it did before, but it will provide much better access for the handicapped with a newer elevator and all the seats down front.