Car thefts prevalent in BC lots

Jon Nelson, Features Editor

The Bakersfield Police Department arrested three suspects Feb. 8 in connection with the wave of Honda thefts on the Bakersfield College main campus.

The first arrest happened after a Public Safety officer spotted a suspect looking under the hood of a tan Honda in the BC parking lot.

The man attempted to escape, but the officer was able to detain him until police arrived and arrested him on multiple felonies, including being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm and possessing stolen property.

The second round of arrests came after a student called 911 to report two suspicious people roaming the parking lot looking at Hondas. The second and third suspects were also arrested on multiple felonies after running from police in a stolen Honda Accord and running up onto a nearby lawn.

The arrests were possible because of cooperation between BC Public Safety and the Bakersfield Police Department.

“BC Public Safety officers and BC leadership are committed to keeping our campus safe and will continue to do so with the full cooperation of the Bakersfield Police Department,” said a recent e-mail sent out by the Kern Community College District.

The wave of car thefts started last spring with three cars being stolen in one day.

This prompted administration to send out a warning e-mail last April to keep students informed on the thefts.

BC students are advised to keep valuables out of sight in their cars, and call 395-4554 or 911 to report unusual activity.