Bakersfield walks to fight diabetes

Omar Oseguera, Photo and Multimedia Editor

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation held its 14thannual Walk and Run to Cure Diabetes on Nov. 3 at Yokuts Park.

Attendance was free and the event consisted of food, fun activities for kids, and of course, the walk and run.

Allison Perkins-Thomas is the branch manager of the event, and has been involved in the walk for seven years.

Perkins-Thomas has been involved with Type 1 diabetics since she was a little girl, having family members with diabetes.

“Our purpose is to fundraise for a cure for Type 1 diabetes, and whatever helps Type 1 diabetes will help diabetics in general,” she said.

Money is raised through company sponsorships and donations from event-goers.

Anthony Story, a recent graduate from Texas Tech University, was volunteering at the event to help out his mother and support his sister, who is a diabetic.

“She was diagnosed when she was 11, and I was 9 or 8,” he said. “My mom is the one that runs the food and all the donations, so we come out and help every year to support my sister and help her with the food.”

Anthony has been helping his mother and supporting his sister for almost 17 years.

Kelly Story is on the board of directors and has been since the day the walk started.

She is also the food chairman for the event.

The food provided includes apple slices, water, apple juice, grapes and bananas. Later in the day, there was also lunch.

The event had a big turnout, which made for a great walk and great activity involvement.

“It’s awesome and a great turnout,” said Kelly Story. “The weather is beautiful, which helped us a lot. We have around 2,500 to 3,000 people attending today.”

“We had over 2,000 people and a slew of vendors and everyone is really happy,” said Perkins-Thomas.

Anthony Story also felt great about the turnout.

“I’ve been away at school,” said Anthony. “For me, this is the largest one we’ve ever had. It’s growing every year, so it’s exciting.”