Free parking section to stay, for now

Robert Mullen, Reporter

On June 28 Zav Dadahboy, the vice president of student services at Bakersfield College, met with the student government association to discuss with them plans to remove free parking from BC and increase the price of parking permits.

On Oct. 10 the Kern Community College District’s board of trustees voted to approve the price increase on parking permits, however, the issue of free parking was dropped.

Currently there is still free parking, and there will be for the foreseeable future, but it is unclear if that particular part of the original proposal has been permanently dropped or has been pushed back for later approval.

The proposal that was originally submitted had the permit prices increased to $60 and removed free parking entirely.

SGA proposed a smaller increase to $40 which the executive board approved, and a tiered system of different price ranges for different parking lots, which was turned down as unfeasible because it would not generate the funds to enforce said system.

Somewhere between the June 28 and Oct. 10 meetings, the removal of free parking had disappeared, and it’s not exactly clear as to why.