Removal of free parking slated

Robert Mullen, Reporter

According to Zav Dadahboy, Bakersfield College vice president of student services, there will no longer be free parking at BC beginning in the spring 2014 semester.

This decision was not reached during the Oct. 10 Kern County Community College Board of Trustees meeting because current laws do not require community colleges to provide free parking. Consequently, the decision of whether or not to have any free parking is left up to the discretion of the college itself.

During negotiations with the Student Government Association prior to the October board meeting, the increase of permit prices became $40 for fall and spring semesters and $25 for summer, but free parking was eliminated.

“[Free parking] was something the administration did, some time ago,” said Dadahboy in regard to this.

A proposal to end free parking was submitted by former executive director of maintenance and operations, Sean James, during the spring semester of 2013. This proposal also included a price increase on parking permits to the maximum amount, which is $60.

“The SGA originally had negotiated for a tiered parking system, which the administration found would cost more to enforce than it would generate,” said Dadahboy.