Cafeteria receives mixed reactions among students

Trina Goree, Reporter

Bakersfield College is back in session and that means lots of hungry bellies.
Students will flock to the cafeteria in droves looking for food to feed their appetites.
Luckily, the BC cafeteria is well equipped with handling the high volume of students that will visit the cafeteria this and every semester. The cafeteria being arranged in a unique fashion achieves this. It offers two venues to serve its items. There is the Panorama Grill and the Renegade Food Court.
The BC cafeteria offers breakfast and lunch to students.
There are a variety of items available on campus. There are grab-and-go items, which include but not limited to chips, candy, bottled sodas, and wrapped sweets. The cafeteria also has deli-style food, such as burgers, sandwiches, fried goods, salads, and fountain drinks.
This is just a sampling of what is available on a daily basis. Items compare, for the most part, to items that can be found not far from BC.
A hamburger, for instance, costs $3.10; a cheeseburger costs $3.45; and a double cheeseburger will run you $5.25. A combo meal, such as, a double cheeseburger, fries, and a 24-ounce fountain drink costs $8.25. All prices on the menu incorporate taxes.
When students were asked about prices in the cafeteria there was a mixed reaction.
Most students offered ideas on ways they felt would better the cafeteria experience.
“There should be a dollar menu,” stated Melissa Johnston.
Nathan Mayer mentioned the BC cafeteria should be catering to low-income students and went on to say the cafeteria is too expensive.
When Edwin Borbon was asked, he stated, “BC knows we’re students…they should do a daily special.”
There were also a number of students that see nothing wrong with the prices in the cafeteria.
One BC student, Amanda Gutierrez, said prices are “affordable for a college student.”
Whether it is affordable or not, that is something each student will decide for themselves. The bottom line remains people must eat, so the divide continues.