Tillis speaks about life after SGA scandal

Bertin Rodriguez

Bertin Rodriguez, Editor-in-Chief

After fighting impeachment and allegations of participation in illegal alcohol and drug use during a conference, former SGA President Travis Tillis was nowhere to be found on campus at the start of the semester. Tillis had been reinstated as SGA president during the winter break and SGA was back at work.

“Travis has transitioned to a four-year college and this office wishes him the best in pursuit of his dreams,” said Elizabeth Peisner, the interim director of student life.

Tillis transferred to Fresno Pacific University where he is majoring in Business Administration with a focus on organizational leadership. He will attend the Fresno Pacific campus in Bakersfield.

“I couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this,” said Tillis. “I couldn’t turn down their offer. I prayed on it and slept on it, and I got my answer.”

Tillis also talked about his time in SGA and how its future looks.

“I feel comfortable with whose hands SGA is in,” Tillis said, referring to Peisner. “Dr. Peisner is a dynamic person and is willing to do what she has to do to make SGA better.

“Shelby [Sward] and Liz have a really dynamic partnership, and it can only get better from here.”

He thinks that all things take time to transition and that he believes SGA will be even better.

Tillis also said that he wished he could have done more things during his term and wished there wasn’t so much fighting within the executive board at the time.

According to Tillis, he started his own ministry called Urban Christian Federation and wanted to major in that at Fresno Pacific, but they discontinued the program. He said, “Organizational leadership and full-time ministry go hand in hand.”

Tillis had nothing but good things to say about BC and its administration, praising it and its new “Habits of Mind.” He thinks that with the current administrators, BC can go far in being an even better school.

Tillis is still taking a class on campus in order to finish his double major, aiming for an Associate of Arts in history and an Associate of Science in Industrial Technology. He also plans to take other classes to “better himself,” apart from his major.