BC students raise funds for Relay for Life charity

Trina Goree, Reporter

There are more than a dozen members registered for Bakersfield College Delano Campus Renegades team that will participate in American Cancer Society Relay for Life on April 12-13.

The advisers are Helen Calip and Loy Salarda, and the captains are Ana Santana and Krystal Vellido. The team members are Jaime Astacio, Geovanna Burrell, Guadalupe Romero, Jennifer Ponce, Marisol Avila, Lindy Perez, Mark Laboca, Carolina Madrigal, Christian Espinosa, Mona Reyna and Diana Valle.The event will begin at 9 a.m. April 12 at Delano High School.

Vellido knows all too well the devastation cancer can cause. Her grandfather died of cancer, and that would provide the catalyst that prompted Vellido to take action and be an active component in the eradication of the disease.

The Delano team is focused and looking toward even better success at this year’s Delano city event. Throughout March, the team has organized events to help with fundraising.

“Our goal for each member is to raise $100 … so we fundraise to help each member accomplish this goal,” mentioned Santana, a participant in Relay for Life for three years.

Santana also stated, “I have always enjoyed helping the community out.”

Events that have taken place include a Relay for Life food and refreshments sale, which was held in the DST Lobby, a hub for Delano Campus students. There was also a rummage sale and elaborate booth at Delano Earth Walk and Car Show event, St. Patrick’s Day sale.

Salarda, a close friend to individuals who are cancer survivors, is involved with Relay for Life events to demonstrate active assistance.

“This is my way of showing support,” Salarda said. “There are at least a few hundred different known cancers that affect humans, so raising as much money as we can for research will bring better treatments to cancer patients.”