Women in the workplace


Paola Colindres Campo talks about women in science at the “Challenges for Women in Science and How to Navigate Through the Corporate World” event on March 11.

Brooke Howard, Features Editor

Paola Colindres Campo, a food scientist from General Mills and other large food companies in the U.S., came to speak at Bakersfield College as a part of the Women’s History and More event on March 11.

This year’s Women’s History focus was on women in sciences. Campo’s speech, named “Challenges for Women in Science and How to Navigate Through the Corporate World,” discussed the difficulties of taking on the work-world while being a mother, how to be an assertive female figure and setting yourself up for success.

Campo spoke about her own difficulties while being a new mother and young female in the work place, “You can have a career and you can be a mother, actually studies show mothers in the work place are more efficient.”

Campo also talked about how drastically motherhood will change your perspective and the perspective of those around you.

“There was a female company president who didn’t have children of her own but let out a statement saying, ‘I’m sorry to all the mothers I worked with.’ She said this because it’s actually women who are the more judgmental on other women in the work place,” according to Campo.

And its not just motherhood that might give women in the workplace difficulties, Campo also said family and loved ones can deter one’s own path to success.

“Challenges in the work place can sometimes include your family and loved ones. They can doubt you or make you doubt yourself,“ Campo continued, “It’s also yourself. Your lack of planning and setting career goals can be a big downfall.”

A person’s image also plays a big factor, regardless of sex, on how your success plays out. According to Campo the image you perceive is extremely important and you must look the part.

Campo said it’s also very important to surround yourself with people who believe in you and inspire you.

“Do not let people undermine you. And the best advice I’ve gotten is that people promote you when you are already performing at the next level,” said Campo.

If you are at a job and want a promotion, according to Campo, go to your supervisor and ask, “I want to be given more responsibilities to perform at the next level,” said Campo.

And never underestimate the power of developing connections explained Campo. She would constantly make contact with her co-workers and even requested meetings with lead executives to ask direct and clear questions on how to better herself in the work place.

Campo also gave her advice on what students should focus on while in college.

“Apply for an internship, it gives you a taste of the real world and it lets you experience it first hand. You also get to see what your weaknesses and strengths are.” Campo continues,

“You should also get a part-time job in something that relates to the job you want and constantly ask questions while you are there.”

Campo also stressed something important for women, “Shoot for the moon. [Even if you miss] you will land among the stars. As women we need to do this. We need to aim as high as we can.” Campo continued, “and when necessary, prove them wrong.”