Students now have help with housing

Rhiannon Stroberg, Features Editor


Bakersfield College’s Office of Student Life have recently developed an online housing resources link available on the BC website. This allows the public to post their listings to provide students with information to help them find available housing within the Bakersfield community.

“This idea was birthed from a need that arose among the student population,” said Nicky Damania, BC’s director of Student Life. “The office of Student Life is here to assist students in any way possible. We saw a need, and we are hoping to fulfill that need the best way possible.”

Damania explained that although BC does not provide housing, they [Student Life] are hoping to ensure that the students have information about available housing options to assist students in their housing search.

“In this particular instance, we, the office of Student Life, are middlemen,” Damania briefly stated.

The student housing link shows the general public where they can post their available listings, although the listings displayed on the BC Housing Resources link may show open availability, Bakersfield College does not guarantee that the houses shown online are in fact available.

“Students can find out about housing availability by contacting the Office of Student Life or the landlord for the properties listed on the website,” Damania said. “Availability is updated during the first week of each month.”

The Housing Resources link also has a referral form for students so that the Office of Student Life can contact students directly to inform them.

“This is a Student Life initiative,” said Damania. “Student Housing Services is designed to help students meet this and to provide opportunities to develop life skills through workshops, financial management, connections to resources, and hands-on practical tips and advice.”

The Student Housing link is available on BC’s website under the Office of Student Life tab, which can be found by clicking the Student Services tab on BC’s main page.