KCCD approves BC President Sonya Christian’s Contract


Javier Valdes

Sonya Christian’s contract was approved at the Oct. 6 KCCD Board of Trustees meeting

Javier Valdes, Copy Editor

After an enduring battle regarding the fate of Sonya Christian’s contract, slating her to continue her position as Bakersfield College president, the Kern Community College District finally reached a decision to approve Christian’s contract, extending it for three more years.

In a 5-2 vote in favor of Christian, the KCCD’s board of trustees ended months of deliberation on Christian’s contract, during the Oct. 6 Board of Trustees Regular Meeting.

After hearing various speakers during public comments the board of trustees skipped directly to vote on the approval of the Bakersfield College President’s contract.

Board of Trustees President Dennis Beebe and trustee Kyle Carter, whom had originally voted against the approval of Christian’s contract at the Sept. 10 board meeting, voted in favor of Christian’s contract.

Trustees John Corkins and Mark Storch voted to not approve Christians contract. Corkins addressed the situation saying “…character and integrity are the issue, no the ability to do the job…I am not opposed to a contract for Dr. Christian, I am opposed to this contract based on what we know.”

Trustee Storch agreed with Corkins, making it aware that he would favor a contract that was “fair” stating that the terms of the contract on the table “were not reflective of the change that needs to be seen.”

After the roll call vote and approval of the contract, Chancellor Sandra Serrano addressed the public, “It was nearly three years ago that I hired Dr. Christian and the reason why I hired her for the position of President of Bakersfield College was because i believed that she would be successful in affecting change by responding to community needs and advancing student learning and success.”

Serrano continued stating that she was confident that following the approval of the contract that as a district, they will support the boards decision and continue to work collaboratively with each of the districts three college presidents.

Christian addressed the KCCD stating her appreciation for the approval of her contract and responded to Corkins and Storch. “ Thank you trustees for your vote today, I appreciate it, my heart is here. I am very happy and I also want to tell Trustee Corkins that i’ve heard you. Probably in my enthusiasm in doing the work at Bakersfield College… maybe I’ve been myopic in my approach and I want to commit to you (Corkins) and Trustee Storch that starting today I will reach out way more to both Porterville College as well as Cerro Coso College and continue to do the work, and it is a good time to be in the Kern Community College District.” said Christian.

Christian will continue her position as Bakersfield College President for an additional three years. As many of Christian’s supporters stated, it is time to let the healing begin.

Vote to approve: Kay Meek, Dennis Beebe, Kyle Carter, Richard Wright, Romeo Agbalog

Vote against approval: Mark Storch, John Corkins