Finals are around the corner

Rhiannon Stroberg, Features Editor


With finals approaching, Bakersfield College students are trying to get in every last available minute to cram in some studying time for their classes.
The final, depending on the teacher, can make or break a students grade in that class, which can be devastating in the event that the student didn’t have enough time to study.

BC students did not hold back their thoughts regarding the topic of finals.

“Why are they necessary?” said child development major Ashley Snook, 28. “We have so much work throughout the semester; it’s just added stress on us [students] because we only have a week or less to study a whole semester’s work just for one test.”

“I hate all tests,” journalism major Kylie Hendrickson, 27, said. “But I do think they [finals] are necessary because it shows what you’ve learned and retained throughout the semester.”
BC adjunct mathematics teacher Paul Meert said, “I think they [finals] are wonderful. It’s life or death. If you pass the final, you pass the class. If not, then you might want to consider taking the class again.”

Human Biology major Aleena Paiz, 18, chimed in by saying, “It is basically life or death because if you have been studying throughout the semester, then you should be fine. If not, you can find out what you’re not good at and then work on it more.”

In regard to preparedness, Hendrickson thinks she’s well prepared for her finals.

“I just got done studying for almost three hours,”  said Hendrickson. “So that’s my preparation is to try and study every day for at least an hour or two.”