Muslim student finds most are not informed

Marcus Castro, Editor in Chief

Due to the terrorism that ISIS has committed, some people are blaming Muslims as a whole for all the destruction and terror that ISIS has caused.

For years, the Muslim community has been looked at by some people as a destructive group, and many of the people that look at Muslims this way base their judgments off of what they hear from the media or people around them.

At times, people of Islamic faith respond by saying that most of the people who judge Muslims harshly have been misinformed about the religion and haven’t taken the time to learn what the religion is about.

Bakersfield College student and member of the BC Muslim Organization Yosra Ali said, “It’s definitely unfortunate. What I’ve noticed, sadly, is that a lot of people are not informed or are very ignorant about a lot of things in regard to our religion, politics and culture. I feel like it’s an obligation upon every single person in our minority group to inform people.”

This issue is very relevant in the United States. Some of the people in the Islamic community who are citizens of the U.S. feel as if they are not treated as citizens.

“We are treated as in we are not 100 percent American. You’re always going to be judged differently. You’re always going to be treated differently. Regardless of how American we are, it’s always looked upon twice. We are as American as you are,” said Ali.

Ali went on to explain that people of all walks of life are all humans. She said that we have all gone through struggles, and we all live our lives. She explained that everyone wants to be happy, safe and in peace, and people don’t understand all of that in regards to Islam.

“Whenever they see a Muslim, they think right away all you care about is to destroy or to make people’s lives miserable. That’s not true at all,” said Ali.