Measure J open house

Measure J open house

Sam L. Jaime, Reporter

The energy among the community members gathered on the second floor of the Chase building at 1675 Chester Avenue was palpable. Many among them discussed business or simply caught up with one another, but nearly all of them at some point in the night discussed Bond Measure J.

Mayor Harvey Hall, a former trustee of the Kern Community College District and Bakersfield College student, addressed the crowd first and spoke of his deep affinity for Bakersfield College, and his support of the measure. Hall was followed by former congressman and Bakersfield College instructor Bill Thomas who joked about the lack of scenery change on the campus throughout the past few decades.

As the evening progressed, many more supporters shared stories connecting them to the history of Bakersfield College, and the impact Measure J could have. The Measure would upgrade vocational education programs, and prevent student costs from increasing in order to cover the costs of the upgrades.

Voting for Measure J is on Nov. 8th, for further information on Measure J visit