Kern Republicans have Grand Old Watch Party

James Macias, Features Editor

The Republican watch party took place on Nov. 8 at JC’s Place in downtown Bakersfield. The atmosphere was jubilant as update after update came in with positive results for now President-elect Donald Trump.

Many party staffers cheered and hooted every few minutes. Every prominent local Republican made an appearance including a very somber Karen Goh, who was running for Bakersfield mayor against Kyle Carter.

A week ago, Goh had a more-than 2,000 vote lead over Carter after all the precincts were in, but 76,000 votes still remain to be recorded.

Currently, there has still been no official confirmation regarding who has won the mayoral race.

On election night, Goh took a few minutes to comment on the mayor’s race.

“I would like to expand our economic development, make safer neighborhoods and create greater opportunities in education and jobs for our young people,” she said.

There was a lot of talk about divisions and disunity following the savage presidential campaign, but Goh was resolute in her position.

“I hope to be the mayor for all people in every part of our community,” she said. “I care about local infrastructure, the living arts and fostering an atmosphere which promotes thriving businesses. I want to make our city government efficient and responsive to the needs of our population,” she said.

When asked how she felt about her performance in the mayoral race, Goh said she felt “very well.” As this interview was taking place, lead Kern County Republican party staffers Brookie Bell and Alexandra Kody were leading a chant of: “Go Karen, Go Karen… etc.,” which they did on-and-off all night long and were very successful in getting the rest of the crowd to join in.

As the evening progressed it became more and more evident that Donald Trump would indeed become president of the United States to the unmitigated delight of everyone present. When Hillary Clinton finally conceded around 1 a.m. Pacific time, there were only a few people left, but they still managed an uproariously overpowering cheer.