Public Safety pursues man who exposed himself to students

Public Safety pursues man who exposed himself to students

Morgan Park, Editor-in-Chief

Two incidences of indecent exposure sprung campus security into action around 7:21 p.m. on Feb. 6.

In an email to students sent at 9 p.m., Department of Public Safety director Christopher Counts described the incident, saying the Bakersfield Police Department notified them of the first incident

that had happened around 4:50 p.m. The suspect was a white male in his 20s with dirty-blond hair and wearing tan pants with a “black/gray sweater,” said Counts.

“The female student was walking through the courtyard of the [Humanities] building and when she got near the men’s restroom the male suspect was holding the door with his pants down exposing himself. The female fled the area and contact[ed] the Bakersfield Police Department.”

Only a few minutes later, Public Safety received another call from BPD reporting a second incident with a suspect matching the description of the first.

The suspect “in the north east parking lot (solar panel student parking lot) had pulled down his pants and exposed himself to another female student. The female student started walking to her vehicle and

stated the male began to follow her.

“She entered her vehicle and fled the area and contacted the Bakersfield Police Department,” said Counts.

Public Safety officers took to action in searching for the suspect, but were unable to locate him. Counts then reminded students that, in the case of an emergency, the best practice is to call BPD and contact Public Safety (661-395-4554) immediately after, as they can begin an investigation immediately.