Many events for women’s history month held at BC

The Brian’s Beard “improv” cast perform as a part of the Women’s History and More itinerary.

Fernanda Martinez, Reporter

March is the national Women’s History Month, and Bakersfield College’s Women History and More (W.H.A.M) committee has so far held a wide variety of events for students and members of the community to engage in.

The first of the W.H.A.M. events, Women in the Middle Passage: Gender, Slavery, and the Problem of Writing History, was held on March 2.

New York University professor of Social and Cultural Analysis Jennifer Morgan gave a presentation to a large crowd of students and faculty on her research of women during the Middle Passage.

Morgan analyzed the ways it was difficult for them to document their experiences.

On her research, Morgan mentioned that there is a lack of archives that speak about women’s history and how it is hard to find stories of women because of the “absence of language.”

After her presentation, a large group of students gathered around to ask questions about her research. On March 6, the W.H.A.M. committee held a screening of the film “Miss Representation.” The film analyzed the ways the culture of mainstream media has an impact on women and girls and how it results in their worries to be physically attractive rather than possess feelings of power and leadership. After the film, professor of English for Multilingual Students at Bakersfield College Elizabeth Rodacker held a quick discussion about the film with members of the audience. The audience also engaged in conversations aloud with each other about their thoughts on women’s equality and the responsibilities they believe all genders should take to educate themselves on culturally-created gender roles.

One student mentioned that he did not see future changes for gender equality happening soon, heating up the conversation when he stated the bible speaks of men handling positions of authority. Another student mentioned that it is hard for younger girls to find women role models because women are constantly competing against each other rather than lending helping hands.

Rodacker stated that in order for students to be the change they want to see, “they must educate themselves, lean in, and participate.”

On March 9 and 10, BC Brian’s Beard Improv Theatre Troupe held two nights of different improv performances to full crowds at the Black Box Theatre.

Student John Spitzer, who performed on the first night, mentioned that both shows were to be completely different as improv performances are based on the reactions of their audiences.

Members of the theatre club asked their audience to think of the women role models in their personal and public lives and show them appreciation.

The night was full of laughs as the audience showed amazement at the student’s improv skills.

The W.H.A.M. committee is holding one more event for Women’s History Month, “The Evolution of the Selfie: Deconstruction of the Female from 1400 to the Present,” On March 30 at the BC Fireside Room from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Another screening of the film, “Miss Representation,” will be held March 28 at the Delano Campus at 6 p.m.