Man arrested on campus after attempted rape of BC student

Morgan Park, Editor-in-Chief

A non-student man was arrested on April 4 after the Public Safety office received calls that a female BC student was “yelling at an unknown male to get away from her and leave her alone east of the Campus Center,” according to an email sent by public safety director Christopher Counts to students and faculty.

“Public Safety officers arrived on scene and made contact with the female student and male non-student. The female stated the male had walked up to her and began talking to her,” Counts states in the email. According to the female student, the man then started groping her and told her he would “take her to a secluded area and rape her.”

After being brought into custody by Public Safety, the man was handed over to the Bakersfield Police Department, who later charged the man with sexual battery, attempted rape, attempted kidnapping, and terrorist threats. According to Counts, the man was taken to Kern County Jail.