UberEats now available in Bakersfield

Melissa Puryear, Reporter

UberEATS, a newly emerging restaurant delivery service, launched by Uber, the same ridesharing service shuttling people to and from places around the city, brought the food delivery concept to the Bakersfield market on Nov. 13.

Ordering food couldn’t be easier, and is at the touch of a button, according to Stephanie Sedlak, a communications manager for UberEATS. Bakersfield residents need only to download the UberEATS app or order from the UberEATS website online, and then choose from more than 25 local restaurants available. Consumers are charged a standard “booking fee” of $5.99 along with the cost of the food. But, according to Sedlak, “there are zero hidden fees.”

According to Sedlak, one of the unique advantages to UberEATS is the ability to “track your order through every step of the process live, ensuring you are getting what you want, delivered at Uber speed.”

She said that what makes their food delivery service different from standard restaurant delivery services is UberEATS’ reliability and convenience, and the advantages of offering late night food and willingness to deliver meals to longer distances. “The same technology company that made getting around Bakersfield easy and reliable at the push of a button, is coming to make getting great food in Bakersfield as easy as requesting a ride,” Sedlak said.

The UberEATS app will allow the consumer to rate their food and the delivery service, and also provide an optional tip after delivery.

Some of the restaurants consumers will be able to choose from are Deli Delicious, Fresco Mexican Grill, Knife & Fork Bistro and more.

Evan Aguilar, the Marketing Director for Fresco Mexican Grill, one of the restaurants who partnered with UberEATS, said that the main reason they chose UberEATS was based upon customer query. “Our customers have been asking us if we could deliver for years now, but it’s not quite feasible for us to have a delivery person on staff when our average ticket price is less than $10. UberEATS changes that by handling the delivery for us and in turn allowing us to serve more customers.”

Aguilar also said that they were excited about partnering for the rollout in the Bakersfield market. He said that with UberEATS it allows them to offer ease and convenience to their customers. “Now with UberEATS, our customers will be able to order a Signature Burrito (steak, shrimp, bacon & more) from bed and pick it up at the front door.”

Consumers can choose as many dishes as they want from a restaurant, but if they wish to have food delivered from more than one restaurant, there would be an additional $5.99 charge for each restaurant and each order would be assigned to separate delivery drivers.