Energy Science Fair informs students

Hector Martinez, Reporter

With the help of PG&E and Chevron sophomore, juniors, and seniors at Independence High School had an Energy Science Career Fair were they informed the importance of energy and careers to Lakeside School 8th grade students, the event took place at the high school on Thursday, Feb. 15 from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

The sophomores displayed many carnival games related to energy and science in the gym. The games were entertainment for the 8th graders and helped the sophomores to teach them more about energy-related topics.

Sahil Bains, an IHS sophomore student, was displaying a game called “Need 4 Speed” at the gym. Bains explained that the game was meant for the Lakeside students to learn about hydrogen fuel cells, which is an energy source.

How the “Need 4 Speed” game worked was that two players were needed. They both had to pick a toy car from several that were on the table. Next, after picking it they asked the players a question and if answered correctly the players could keep the car if they did not then they had to place it back on the table. Some cars had a piece of paper taped under it with a letter C written on it if any player got a car like that they had to put it back on the table. The player who collected more cars was declared the winner in the end.

Another game that was available for the Lakeside students was “True or False Toss.” Romina Velasquez was displaying the game.

“We painted water bottles black in order to represent oil for petroleum,” said Velasquez.

The cap of the bottles had numbers written on to it, this was because each water bottled contain a different true or false questions related to petroleum.

“So let’s say a player tosses a hoop on number five, we ask them question number 5,” explained Velasquez.

These were just two of the many games that the Lakeside students could attend in order to play and learn more about energy sources.

IHS juniors had a different event going on for them. They were teaching the Lakeside students hands-on activities showing them the importance of energy and production in rooms 905, 906, and 909.

IHS seniors were displaying many expositions of energy-related careers that Lakeside students could obtain in the future and it took place inside the cafeteria. Some Senior students explained the many different job options that they could have while working in PG&E. But one group was explaining the many different colleges that they could attend later on in their futures.

Harry Singh, Meredith Switalski, Harveer Singh were three senior that inform the Lakeside students about colleges.

“We are just informing the 8th graders what community, public, and private colleges are and what the differences are,” explained Switalski.

Switalski explained that her group had to research a little bit about many colleges in order to give the correct information. One of the colleges they were explaining about was Bakersfield College.

Aaron Jacobson, teacher and the coordinator of the event, felt really happy that this event was taking place for the second year in a row.

“We get a lot of help and support from our community. People come and mentor our students and work with them, and it is just nice that our students do a little bit of the same for the 8th graders,” said Jacobson.

Jacobson further explained that the Energy Science and Career Fair mainly focused to inform the students about energy sources and the many different careers that they could be able to find in that branch.