Reported sexual assault incident at BC

Hector Martinez, Reporter

On April 10,Bakersfield College’s Public Safety sent out an alert about an incident that happened inside the women’s restroom of the Humanities building.

A female was followed into the bathroom by a male suspect. She was able to defendherself and the suspect left, according to the notification. When the female managed to reached Public Safety the suspect had already left the scene. As of press time no one has been detained or arrested.

The suspect is described as a White or Hispanic male between 20-30 years of age. The height of the suspect is between 5’10”- 6’ tall. The female victim saw a tattoo of a colored boat on the suspect’s right shoulder.

Christopher Counts, Director of the Department of Public Safety at Bakersfield College, explained that for the moment, all the information Public Safety had on the matter was included in the email alert sent to the campus community that day.

Counts also explained that there are sometimes several incidentsin a single semester and that is because Bakersfield College isan opencampus and it is difficult for their staff to cover all grounds.

Counts said that Bakersfield College has 15 cadets, students who are trained by Public Safety, that work alongside campus security and if anything happens on-campusstudents can contact the cadets.

“They are our eyesand ears on campus so if anyone sees or hears something, contact them and we will handle the situation,” said Counts.

Counts also explained that students can apply to become a cadet for Public Safety for next semester and help them provide services to the campus.