BC coach runs for KCCD trustee

Laura Lanfray, Reporter

Longtime Bakersfield College coach, Lorenzo Alvarez, is running for Area 2 Kern Community College District Board of Trustee’s member this coming November election.

Laura Lanfray
Coach Lorenzo Alvarez Gives his speech a campaign fundraiser at Luigi’s restaurant.

Coach Alvarez held a Fundraiser at Luigi’s Warehouse in East Bakersfield on September 18. The crowd of supporters and visitors mingled and ate as they waited for Alvarez to give his speech.

Dr. Bill Baker, the former football team doctor at BC, attended the dinner that night in full support of Alvarez. He praised Alvarez as a “true blue Bakersfield Renegade,” adding that Alvarez is a man with high credentials and an understanding of the needs of Bakersfield College students.

“If that doesn’t qualify you for this position, then I don’t know what does,” Baker said.

Once atop the podium, Alvarez thanked the guests and his family for their support and encouragement in his decision to run for this position.

As a child of migrant parents, Alvarez grew up working in the agricultural fields. He found a chance at something new with sports, running track in high school and playing football into his college years. Afterward, he graduated from Porterville College and moved to Bakersfield where he joined the police department.

“Working for the police department, I still had a desire to be involved in football, so in 1982, I started coaching at East Bakersfield High School under Norm Stanley. Then in 1987 I was fortunate enough and blessed to have met Carl Bowser who gave me my start at Bakersfield College and so, I spent thirty years, the last 30 years, coaching football at Bakersfield College.”

Alvarez discussed his commitment to the Bakersfield, Cerro Coso and Porterville College communities, bringing up his plans for the college if elected board member. He emphasized the importance of managing funding and timing for the school’s various projects.

In 2016, the school was granted a $502.8 million-dollar bond through measure J. The money from which is being put to use in the renovation of parking lots and construction of several buildings around campus.

Alvarez wants to ensure the projects get done at a time and pace that does not interfere with regular student activities.

“There’s some construction going on right now that probably should have been started earlier. Specifically, parking lots that have been getting in the way of the start of school and football programs.”

Current BC football coach Jeff Chudy spoke at the event as well, going over the needs of the coaches and BC athletes.

“We need a guy that understands the gamut from the HR standpoint, the risk management standpoint…for us the guys on the front line, we need all the help and support we can get in terms of matriculating our students, graduating our students, making our program the best that we can make it for our local kids. We are predominantly a local community college,” said Chudy, “Lorenzo is that guy, he understands what Bakersfield college needs…the guy is committed.”