Bakersfield’s Fox Theater Neon Signs Needs Repair

Amy Sarmiento, Reporter

One of Bakersfield’s most iconic symbols of 89 years is malfunctioning and in need of help from locals.

Fox Theater’s neon letter signs are not fully lighting up and have been failing for a little over two years. It reads as “Ox” from one side of the building and “Fo” from another.

The large neon sign stands out and is one of the first things one sees while approaching the building on H Street and 20th Street.

Fox Theater Foundation is a non-profit organization and relies on the local community to support them by contributing with donations, sponsorships, and attending events.

A Go Fund Me campaign initiated on Jan. 23 is currently trending in the community. It has a goal to raise up to $6,000.

The Fox Theater asks for help from locals to repair the iconic neon signs.

This historical landmark in Bakersfield opened on Christmas day in 1930. It now hosts entertainment events such as comedy, concerts, plays, dance shows, classic films, and cultural shows.

The downtown theater has notable past events and performances by artists such as My Chemical Romance, George Lopez, Gabriel Iglesias, Ice Cube, Miranda Sings, and Styx. Some upcoming events at the Fox Theater include comedy shows byTiffany Haddish on Feb 16 and Piff the Magic Dragon on Feb 22.

Many Bakersfield residents who love the Fox believe it is one of the area’s best concert and event venues.

“I have attended many events at this theater with family and friends, so I have many great memories there and it is one of my favorite local spots in town,” stated one Bakersfield resident, Julie Mirella.

The Fox Theater is looking into getting the repairs as soon as possible.

“Part of the challenge is that all repairs must be done from the outside of the tower with a boom truck that is very expensive to rent. All repairs will be done in one day once the funds are secured. When repaired, it is set to last around five to seven years or more before needing another replacement” stated Matthew Spindler, Fox Theater’s manager.

The Fox Theater’s mission is to continue being able to provide Kern County with a quality experience in entertainment and aim to be a cultural and community event center according to the Fox Theater official website.