Kern County hosts annual Veteran’s Stand Down

David Portillo, Reporter

Kern County honored its veterans on Oct. 10, during its annual Veteran’s Stand Down. The event has been occurring since 2011 to honor its veterans to a relaxing day filled with giveaways and many more activities.

Admission was free and available to veterans and their dependents. All Veterans were welcome, so those who are homeless were encouraged to attend.

The event was at Stramler Park and was filled with vendors and canopies that gave away necessities and goodies for all who attended. Haircuts, food, and clothes were just some of the items given. Every area and vendor were filled with people enjoying themselves.

Ben Rodriguez of the Bakersfield Veterans Center was eager to assist all the veterans that attended the event get any kind of help they need.

Bakersfield College was present everywhere during the event. It seemed like on every corner seen a person in a red renegade shirt helping people, wherever they could. There was a veteran’s service canopy out and helping.

Honoring and helping the people who fought for our country was the main focus and priority of the event, and the Veterans Stand Down organizer said they can’t wait till next year.