California Community Colleges received a large donation to help fight against hunger

Mariah Olivarez, Reporter

The chancellor’s office of the California Community Colleges, located in Sacramento Calif., announced that it had received an anonymous donation of $500,000 to be invested in fighting against food insecurity and encourage more hunger free campuses in California.

It is known throughout the boards that hunger amongst the students in these community colleges is an issue. They have previously addressed this problem by establishing food pantries.

However according to a study, that was published by the CCCCO, indicated that a recent survey held by the community colleges called #Realcollege revealed that out of the 40,000 of students that participated in taking the survey, about half had experienced food insecurity within the past month.

This $500,000 donation will show an increase in benefits for the students who are struggling with food insecurity.

Moving forward, the “Foundation for Community Colleges” has announced that they have started a fundraising campaign that will help fight student hunger in turn expanding  the CalFresh outreach project and also raise more awareness for the CSNAP (California Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).

Many believe this will be very beneficial for the community college students who are struggling between work, bills and school.

An anonymous donor stated “Food insecurity has been linked to negative impacts on overall student well-being, academic performance, and career development. We want to help students through supporting the food pantry program,” in the CCCCO’s article released on Nov. 25.