Twitter limits cyberbullying

Mariah Arviso, Reporter

Twitter announced that it will be releasing a new feature, on Jan. 8, that gives users more control to limit replies on their tweets.

This new feature allows users to customize the replies for their tweets, and it gives users the options to choose a group of people that can reply. Twitter expects this feature to reduce the amount of cyberbullying happening on the platform.

“We believe in free expression and think every voice has the power to impact the world,” according to Twitter’s official website.

Twitter is a social platform where people can express their views, ideas, and perspectives.

In order to do so freely, Twitter added a new feature for security for users as well as the platform itself. The social media platform has many reported cases of cyberbullying. Twitter has since released many other safety features to prevent more cases of cyberbullying. These include safety tools such as allowing users to choose who will be tagged in pictures as well as being able to make a private account.

“We’re taking a completely new approach to abuse on Twitter. Including having a more open and real-time dialogue about it every step of the way,” according to Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter.

This feature was created so that users will feel safer in using the social platform. Twitter has an average of 330 million active users, so it is difficult to micro-manage every tweet written.

This feature will leave the responsibility to the user. The options to limit replies are separated into groups such as, global, group, panel, a statement. Global refers to everyone, group is followers and tags, panel is mentions, and statement is yourself.

This gives the users the chance to express themselves in any way they want as well as only seeing the replies they choose to read. Twitter already has many safety features concerning violence, exploitation, harassment, hateful conduct, etc. Twitter’s help center is set up for users to report abusive behavior ranging from heated arguments to death threats. Twitter encourages its users to report any abuse they are experiencing or have seen.

“If you see a violent or abusive message directed at someone else, communicate your concern to the recipient and encourage them to contact Twitter..,” according to Twitter safety.